No 20, Jalan Tun Mohd Fuad 2, 
Taman Tun Dr Ismail, 
60000 KL
8 AM - 8PM
Close on Tuesdays
Le Petit Dotty's: 
No 3, Platinum Park, Persiaran KLCC, 
50450 KL
8 AM - 7PM
Close on Tuesdays and Sundays
+6 032181 1023

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Assalamualaikum darlings.

B and I were in KLCC a few days ago and I remembered that there's a cafe around the area famously known for its salted egg yolk pastries. Le Petit Dotty's is one of their two branches, the other is called Dotty's pastries and coffee located in TTDI.
As we walked towards the cafe, we were welcomed by a storefront that has characteristics of an old-fashioned Parisian cafe with industrial twists. It literally looked like it came from Pinterest.

So what did we have at Le Petit Dotty's?

Salted egg yolk spaghetti with beef
RM 29.00

This spaghetti has to be, hands down, the best salted egg yolk pasta that I've tasted. The last two that I have had were accompanied with seafood, a prawn one from Flour and Butter (Brunei) and a crab one from And Why (Singapore). I think it tasted so much better with beef. The pasta was creamy and al dente. And although the smell of the cheese seemed a tad overwhelming, you could barely taste it instead only compliments the pasta perfectly.

Dessert? Pictured above:

Salted egg yolk croissant dough RM 11.00
Salted egg eclair RM 9.00
Salted egg yolk doughnut RM 7.00

Nothing that I chose disappointed me. I can't say much because everything was delicious and worth the time and effort to come all the way from Brunei just to have their pastries. The pastry was crispy, the eclair was eaten in two bites by B (the man who is on a very strict diet, ladies and gents) and the doughnut reminded me of eating a rich kaya bun. Not too sweet but not bland either. I recommend having Teh-O or black coffee (if you're a coffee person) to neutralize your palate. 

I also had the Speculoos cappuccino latte (RM 14.00) recommended by the waiter there. He said that a lot of people order the salted caramel one because they're unfamiliar with Speculoos latte. It was like drinking my regular chai tea latte from Coffee Bean. So, nothing adventurous there but still good. 

All the food that I ordered came quickly. The waiters were polite, helpful and very eager to serve.

I think the only con is the toilet situation. There are no toilets in the cafe, you have to go out of the cafe and walk past another restaurant and into the main building.

Overall, I think Le Petit Dotty's is perfection. I would come back for more and would recommend friends to go there especially for their high tea sets (different sets on different days). You can count on me for trying out their other branch at TTDI on my next trip to Malaysia. Till then.

Much love,

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